Genre Wars: Resistance Rising

Character: Reman (Lead)

Design by: Jenna M. Miller
Design by: Jenna M. Miller

Website: www.genrewars,tv


The series takes place on Kabathan, a world in which various tribes of incompatible cultures co-exist; Medieval Fantasy, Futuristic Mechs, and Ninjas aside Vikings, Steampunk, and Film Noir Gangsters, among many others. Each tribe lives in a peaceful coexistence because of The Oniyum, the planet’s oldest, most revered artifact. It is the source of each tribe’s evolution into their own, distinct culture. However, when The Oniyum mysteriously disappears, disorder and utter chaos breaks loose amongst the various tribes. The world is brought into a time of war. But, there is a light in the darkness. In a small corner of the Fantasarian territory, one man begins a movement that will soon change the course of history.

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