Genre Wars: Resistance Rising

Role: Director, Producer, Story, Editor


Based upon the Genre Wars online short film competition created by Ron Newcomb, this is web series by Justin Moe and Robin Farrell is taking what Genre Wars was and turning it into Genre Wars: Resistance Rising, currently in Pre-Production. This sci-fi / fantasy action/drama takes us to the planet of Kabathan, a place where tribes of incompatible cultures co-exist; Medieval Fantasy aside Mech, Vikings and Ninjas, and many others. They live, surprisingly, in a peaceful coexistence, all because of The Oniyum, the planet’s oldest and most revered artifact. It is the source of each tribe’s evolution into the culture that they are now, most distinctly. This show is about what happens when, without warning or explanation, it vanishes.

2014 Teaser Trailer

2ND LOOK: The Story Unfolds

3RD LOOK: The Producers